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I did put a little note on my sig that I am accepting offers for my car. Everythings for sale in my opinion and I figured that's the least painful way to advertise. I spent a lot on the car this past winter, but I'm really looking for a place to live now and the car isn't getting any attention for the little things I still need to install.

Here's a fairly comprehensive list of what's in the car. I'll update it when I think of other things. I have been trying to get a good estimate of what it's worth, but I'm not having a heck of a lot of luck. At the very least, I have a place I can look to sob over the amount of money this car has yanked from my wallet:)

1996 Thunderbird 4.6 LX Sport
Bright Red w/o factory big brake option
Purchased 5 years ago with 55k on the clock
Daily driver for 2.5 years of college
Sport optioned car with premium sound, power antenna.

Alpine CDA-9813 Cd player
Boston Pro 6.5 front door component set
Pioneer 6x9's with horn tweeters(awaiting install)
1992 Supercoupe tweed seats
black carpet and rear deck conversion
FR500 steering wheel w/ Mustang cruise control switches
LMS white faced gauges
Supercoupe 145 speedo
LMS 145 white faced gauges
JC Whitney leather shift boot
All new black interior Ford trim panels(many are obsolete)
Group purchase triple gauge pod and a spare factory A-pillar
Spare set of gray door sills

5 x 4.50" bolt pattern swap
1998 Mustang SVT Cobra wheels
Nitto 245-45-17 tires
Ford "SVT" center caps
13" "PBR" calipers
13" silver cadmium plated rotors(awaiting install)
11.65" Cobra rear caliper brackets(awaiting installation)
KVR rear brake pads
Goodridge/KVR stainless steel brake lines
1 3/8 ADDCO sway bars front and rear
Bilstein Shocks
Jamex Springs
Group purchase Vogtland springs(awaiting installation)
JL lower engine cradle brace-black powdercoated
JL front suspension support brace-black powdercoated
Custom driveshaft loop(awaiting installation)
MN12 polyurethane knuckle kit
Steeda Cobra polyurethane pumpkin bushings
New rack installed at 75K or so
New rag joint winter 2003
All new front suspension 2002

2002 Mustang GT longblock(01 production date) 3000 miles on it now
2001 Bullitt Mustang intake-powdercoated black w/ polished fins
Vortech SQ with 3.60/3.33 Vortech pulleys and both belts
Vortech ss braided oil feed line upgrade
Trubendz 2.5" stainless steel off-road exhaust with magnaflows(
W&S info center
2003 Cobra radiator
2003 Cobra fan assembly
Mark VIII oil pan
Kirban adjustable FP regulator
Autometer ultra-lite FP gauge on the rail(no longer in the car due to info center install)
42lb Bosch injectors
90mm Lightning MAF
5" S&B powerstack air filter
JDM Engineering cone filter mount
MSD coil packs
Ford Racing blue wires

Precision Industries 3500rpm stall multi-disc torque converter
B&M 24,000 trans cooler
Modified stock 1996 vavle body
Dynotech metal matrix driveshaft
Aluminum Cobra center section with trac-lok and 3.73's
Used Supercoupe drivers side axle
Supercoupe fat shaft(awaiting installation)
MN12 Performance trans mount and crossmember bushings(awaiting installation)

Optima red top
Billett battery tray
New in box shift knob
New in box 97 LED panels

I like to think I put this car together to be respected by a lot of people instead of just one crowd. I get a LOT of comments on the paint, although I think it needs some TLC. At least I can say it's all original paint.

I am still working on the hood issue. That will be resolved before the car is sold or stored for a year(at least).

The way I see it...I either let it sit and pay off what I spent on the car slowly or sell the car and work on getting my own place a heck of a lot sooner. I am not interested in parting ANYTHING out on this car. It has a good title. I am also not interested in selling ANYTHING that is not bolted or screwed to the car at the time of this post. If it goes...someone gets it all...plain and simple.

Anyone have insight on what she's worth? The car has 128K on it now. There's rust starting on the rear subframe, but that'll be cleaned and painted in the car soon enough. A tiny bit on the door bottoms like any Midwest car.

I would probably put the car for sale at 6,500 without the Vortech. I'll entertain offers with or without the Vortech Supercharger.

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Your never going to get what you want unless its from someone who understands what you have in it. Unfortunately, most people wont or dont understand how much time and effort it would take for them to do that to a car.

You will take a hit on whatever you paid. But Im sure you know that, if not you'll soon understand.

Im in the same shoes as you. I have a car parked at my Moms with well over 20K into it and no end in will probably be parked for a year or two soon. I cant see sacraficing everything I put into it for way less than what I put in.....if that makes sense.

Whatever you choose to do make sure it makes you happy. You have a lot of hard work into her, dont regret your decision.

Good Luck!

(Post a pic or two. I have soem Jamex springs in the garage awaiting install.... :) )

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Well, I'm not looking to work miracles with mine. I know it's not perfect, but I can stand up for the fact that it's had no panel replacement and it's original paint.

I'm trying to sell the SC set-up on modular depot right now. Honestly...if that goes I will think about selling the car itself soon after. I am working on a no start issue, but that will be fixed tomorrow or at least diagnosed.

Even if nothing sells for the right price I have decided to park the car in storage and change insurance to fire/theft/vandalism this month. Not only have I lost interest, but I'm just ready for new things.

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your best bet for getting the most money is to part it out. mods are worth more sold individually instead of as a whole.
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