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Mary and I are wondering if anyone else in this club has any time and money to burn this September? Starting September 8 - 28 we are starting the first ever For Kid's Sake Tour Rally.
Our goal. To raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital.
Cost to participate? No Charge. Just come join us and get some sponsors to pledge donations for your miles driven. You can do all the tour or just part. What ever works for you.
We are signing names and In Memory Of notes to the body of our car so we will be a rolling bill board for a cause.
Our first tour is from Virginia to Cape Flattery Washington State. On the way we will visit 14 States, 11 National Parks, Drive an estimated 7,500 miles in 3 weeks. Our Facebook page is already generating donations. You can follow us at:
Come join us or make a donation and get your name or In Memory Of added to our car. We will be uploading photos and videos during our trip. At the end of the tour we will be presenting a "Get Well" card for the children of the Charlotte North Carolina St. Jude hospital. The card was made by the children of Madison County Primary School where my granddaughter attends. Hope to see your name on our car. Or your car helping us help the kids.


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