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Hi again,

it's time for my ATF change again, and this time I'm getting a drain/refill of tranny incl. TC, using Merc-V, and replace the filter(last time was a power flush, and the filter was not changed).

I've seen in a Ford tech forum that Ford has a friction modifier that can be added to the Mercon to reduce the TC shudder even further(I have a little amount of tc-shudder, I think, but not too bad)

Does anyone know of this product?
or have a part number?

or should I just use Merc-V?

any info would be thankfully welcome:)

--are you guys using mercon-V as PS fluid or just the reg.Mercon?

--has anybody used/know of a product called "Dr.Tranny's instant shudder-fixx"? I think it's made by Lubeguard

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no, use mercon V, no additives, nothing else.

Change it every 15k and keep it cool and you will have no problems.
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