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You guys should check out this CL ad for a guy local to me (Bay Area, California). He's got a 89-93 Mach 1 hood, a 75mm MAF, 10% underdrive pulley, and some other items that might pique your interest.

While this isn't my Craigslist ad, I've done business with Lee a few times when he has bought parts from me for his Supercoupe locally (Bay Area, California). He seems like an honest, straightforward guy. It's been a few months since he last bought some parts from me but he called me the other day letting me know he recently sold his SC and asked if I knew anyone locally who would be interested in the extra aftermarket parts he had for sale. I checked around with a few friends but in parallel I also suggested that he post an ad on Craiglist.

If you see anything here that you guys want, I recommend you contact Lee directly. BTW, in speaking to Lee, he told me that he's willing to ship most of the items (except for the hood).


PS. I posted this here in MISC vs. MISC Forsale b/c as per the sticky's comments.
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