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i am listing for a friend.

he has come on hard times and now needs to get rid of his project stang. I know for a fact it has more than 20k invested into it

what i do know.
it has low milage on the body last time i look was about 50k. green with white racing stripes. part of trunk and part of the quarter are in primer tho

the entire bottom of the car was mint, but he treated it with some sort of corrosion resitant pait por-15 or similar

it has a 6 point roll cage in it painted yellow

suspension is built. tokiko shocks, ebach springs, ebach monster sway bars, adjustable rear uca and ladder bars, in coil air bag on the drivers side rear. subframe connecters

5 lug swap, 13" cobra breaks front and i belive 11" lincoln rears

there is much more in it, than i have listed there, and i belive he has almost everything to complete the car except the fuel system and tranny and rims as they were allready sold.

for the rolling chassie he wants $1500 and im sure theres more than that in the suspension alone.

for an extra $1500 he will include the engine thats in the car right now. once againe i dont know alot about it except that it is built for a power adder ( supercharger, turbo, nitrus)

it has less than 5000 miles on it (probibly alot less but im not positive) he had built it and ran a kenne bell blower befour he decided he wanted to turbo it and then began reworking the entire car ( the blower is sold)

it has aluminum heads, a cam, headers, etc. im not sure what hes running as far as a crank connecting rods or pistons.

just thoght id post it on here in case someone wanted it, id consider it a steal and would buy it myself except i have to many projects at the moment.

you can post questions here and i will ask and reply with an anser or if you are seriously interested i will give you his phone #

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