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Hey guys I'm trying to move and want to get some money where I can. I got my rims off my mustang that I'm looking to sell or trade for stock style rims + cash.

I would be looking for the simple 17" starfish type wheels or bullitts. Must be in good condition as mine are and want tires with plenty of tread.

I figured I would put these on here for any of you guys wanting to unload rims who have a mustang or have the stang bolt pattern.

fronts are 17X9 with 275/40/17 sumitomo HTZ's
backs are 17X10.5 with 315/35/17 sumitomo HTZ's

bought the combo new for $1100 and have used them for maybe 6 months IF that. Looking to get $900 OBRO or trade for your wheels/tires + cash.

Thanks Guys!
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