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A lot of you guys know I took GB up to Commerce last November to SSHS 3 and left her up there with Big Scott for a major morph. I decided to go SC and the most important part of that deal was getting a Renegade built engine. I decided on new heads as well and Jim agreed to build a long block. Since I had put a lot of new stuff in GB's old engine (timing chains, tesioners, guides, Cobra oil pump, Mark pan, water pump, etc.) he said he'd pull all that stuff off my old engine and put it in the new one....

When Jim started pulling the old engine apart, he noticed the Cobra oil pump looked like it had been machined, it was kinda mangled. He grabbed a hold of the crank and gave it a tug and there was way too much play... so much play, that the crank had been hitting the oil pump...

When he tore the engine down, this is what he found:

That's what the thrust bearing looked like, and here's some evidence of the oil pump damage:

Cute, huh????

If I hadn't left the car with Scott and headed straight home, it's doubtful I woulda made it to Florida before total engine failure ocurred.... Actually it's a miracle it didn't happen at SSHS while I was turning some of the fastest 13 second times I ever turned.... Pretty lucky, huh???

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