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Are there experts in TBIRD front suspension out there?

My 1992 TBIRD Sport is driving me nuts on the right front suspension.
When I get it up to 65MPH, the front right suspension starts to shimy and vibrate.
The left front is fine.

I have turned rotors multiple times.
I have swapped rotors between left and right.
I have put on new rotors.
I have swapped wheels between left and right.
Same result: Left: No Shaking, Right: Shaking.

There does not appear to be looseness in the right front suspension.

The only thing I noticed is that the rotor, whatever rotor I put on, always 'binds' in one spot as I rotate the wheel.

Is is possible that the hub is somehow misaligned with the rest of the steering knuckle causing the rotor to always bind at some point with the disk brake caliper?

Or could the steering knuckle be warped so that it misaligns the hub, which misaligns the rotor?
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