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I am buying my old '85 TC 5-speed back from my good friend Dave Compton. He's a founding member of the Merkur club and member of the SVO Mustang club. He's been working on the 2.3's for well over 15 years. My TC has 73K orig miles and the motor was rebuilt a few months ago. The mods on this car include.....

Dave's custom Hot Street 2 cam
Daves custom 3inch down pipe
Custom 3inch exhaust, highflow cat and straight thru muffler
'88 TC VAF
9 inch K&N filter
Rebuilt T3 turbo
Better then stock head gasket
'88 TC hood
'88 TC intercooler
Autometer Boost and A/F gauge
Short throw shifter

My questions are..... How many of you are running front mounted intercoolers on your TC? What intercooler did you use? I have a Double intercooler that my friend and I made( It's 2 stock '89 Probe GT intercoolers welded together and the inlet/outlet's are on one side) Would I be able to use this intercooler? I was running up to 20psi with this on my '89 Probe gt and I just had a stock IHI Probe turbo in my probe.....I realized a pretty good gain in cooling and little to no turbo lag. I heard that running a front mount I/C on the TC is hard to do....Is this true? I know I can do this with the help of some friends who work on turbo cars. I just want to know if I'll see any gains by doing this. I plan on upgrading to a bigger turbo in the future.
Also.....What kind of gains could I see buy getting the head ported and turbo manifold? I would also like to upgrade the EEC, get a custom chip/tune, add a water/meth injection system, 3 core rad, 9mm wires, Turbo XS boost controller, Bosch Bypass valve, .60 trim turbo, 8.8 rear end with 3.73's, lower the car about 1.75inchs(Does Eibach make a prokit lowering kit?) and what other kind of suspension work can I do? Does anybody make a front strut tower brace,rear sway bar or traction bars? This car will be used as a daily driver for about a year or two till I can get a '94-95 T-bird SC. I have no problem eating up gas in the TC with all of the above mods I want. I would like to get this car running low 13's with under 21psi of boost.......possible? Thanks in advanced guy's/Gal's!!!
'85 TC high 13's?
'78 Mustang King Cobra HAHA high 15's baby on 14inch rims,exhaust leak,bad carb
Dad also has a '95 Bird...LX [email protected]
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