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When you buy a Ford Motorsport pumpkin, you get the aluminum housing with a traction lock (posi) differential and 3.73 gears. It's a fairly easy procedure to swap your old one for this new one. You don'r really have to be an expert mechanic for that job.

The pumpkin comes with everything. The driveshaft flange is mounted and the seals are installed. It comes filled with a smelly synthetic fluid. You will need 2 new circlips, axle retaining nuts (not necessary) and differential bushings. The differential bushings are GOOD to do, but not necessary. The whole job takes about 2.5 - 3 hours


  • Don't beat on the new rear for at least a week of mild driving. See the break-in procedure for new gears to speed up this process.
  • A good suggestion would be to throw out the axle seals that came with the rear and install new ones.
  • You also want to take the vent tube out of the old rear and put it into the new one. The new one comes shipped with a yellow plastic plug that could be put into the old rear to prevent spillage.
  • The shipping plugs are not lubed before insertion and removing them might tear the delicate seals. Setting the side oil seals is NOT easy and if you don't do it 100% right, it WILL leak, and you will be mad. A hammer just doesn't cut it. A big socket works well if you HAVE to replace the side seal. Just like the circlips... it's a good idea, but you honestly don't HAVE to.

  1. Raise the rear-end up to give you enough clearance to get the rear wheels off plus 6".
  2. Disconnect your exhaust (catback if that's an option).
  3. As the tires are removed, remove the rear spindle then pull it out; this will pull the halfshaft from the pumpkin - be careful when you do this. I was careful and did not need to get a new circlip, but a new one is recommended.
  4. Support the carrier with a jack.
  5. Then unbolt the driveshaft from the pumpkin, and remove the bolts that hold the rear cover to the rear subframe.
  6. Disconnect the forward mount (that's where the bushings are).
  7. Then unbolt the 4 bolts that hold the pumpkin in place. Be careful when pulling it down as the other halfshaft is still attached; it will slide out and then you're done with removal.
  8. Now get the new assembly, FILL IT WITH FLUID, then slide one halfshaft in and maneuver it back in place; this for me was a little bit of a headache by myself. You really need 3 arms to hold things out of the way, this is where a friend is best suited.
  9. It's a tight squeeze but it will fit back into place without having to remove the other tire and spindle. This saves a lot of time.
  10. Then just bolt everything back up.

    You can also drain the fluid they put in there, and throw some Mobil 1 75w90 plus friction modifier in there.

    Dan Ulrich
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