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Contact: pm -Chris. If you have any questions or want more pics of something don't hesitate to ask.

Location: Plainfield/Joliet Illinois

Description: I purchased these heads 5 years ago. They were for a build I was going to do but I ended up selling the car. All the machine work was done (1-5-16 / 1-8-16). These are ready to be bolted on with the addition of your rockers, lifters, and cams. Asking $750 + shipping/fees unless negotiated in deal.

Casting number: RF 1L2E 6090 D24D

- New comp 26113 springs
- New exhaust valve guides
- New valve stem seals

- Pressure tested
- Oil galley plugs were removed before they were cleaned
- Heads were ultra sonic cleaned and then the ports and combustion chambers were media blasted with glass bead
- Polished cam journals
- Exhaust valve guides installed and fitted
- Valve job (stock valves were cleaned then ground on a centerless valve grinder)
- Milled .003
- Spring pressures were set to: 80lbs @ 1.600 (on the seat) 180lbs @ 1.100 (.500 lift)

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