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Hi folks:
I got myself involved with a project that required a bunch of compute with NVME+RAM seven weeks ago. This project has since wound down and I'm left with a bunch of NVME drives and DDR4 RAM. If any of you folks are interested, LMK.

Here's what I have:

(6) Inland Premium 1TB NVME PCI3.0 drives - $105 shipped/ea
  • Inland Premium read speed 3100MBps / write 2800MBps
  • Uses an Phison E12 controller and worked flawlessly for me.
  • Form factor is M.2 2280, body size is W22 × L80 × H2 mm, weight 6.6 g. The OS supports Windows 10/8/7, and supports features such as TRIM, SMART, Secure Erase, and ECC error correction.
  • I captured a SMART report for EVERY single drive I have for sale and will include it with the purchase so you know exactly what you are getting. If we agree to a price, I can send you a SMART report for the exact drive(s) I will be selling you so we are both on the same page as to what you are buying.
  • (5) of my drives report 13-16% Life used (aka >84% life available). 335-379TB
  • (1) of my drives report 19-20% life used (aka 80-81% life available). 450-460TBW
  • All drives report 100% Available Spare (the replacement bits)
  • NONE gave me any issues and ALL were sufficiently cooled during use (they never climbed beyond 58C during operation)
  • They work GREAT in pairs in RAID0 if you want super fast memory access
  • BTW, these TB written (TBW) ratings are fairly conservative. I have personally pushed other drives (not any for sale) 150% past their stated wear rating and they still run fine as boot drives in my home PCs.
  • Example SMART report: smartctl 7.1 2019-12-30 r5022 [x86_64-linux-5.8.0-41-generic] (local build)Cop -
  • Drives are selling for $125+tax on Amazon today.
  • My asking price for these drives is $105/ea shipped within the continental US.
  • NOTE: These drives will ship secured in antistatic bubble wrap bags with extra cardboard protection as my cleaning lady tossed out the original blisterpack packaging.

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