I've been rescuing ThinkPads for a long time and I have quite a few that I never had the impetus to list for sale until now (I discovered that I need nixie tubes in my life).

All of these were in service in K12 education settings until about a year ago, with a few exceptions for the older machines.

Current inventory summary:

15x T420
4236-NUU i5-2520m
Upgraded to 8 GB RAM
A few have the 500 GB HDD also installed
6C or 9C batteries
$90 for "excellent" condition units SOLD
$60 for "good" condition units
$40 for "fair" condition units SOLD

12x T410
2537-FP5 i5-520m
Upgraded to 8 GB RAM
6C or 9C batteries
$80 for "excellent" condition unit (2 available)
$50 for "good" condition unit (1 remaining)
$30 for "fair" condition unit (1 remaining)
$10 for a "for-parts" unit ("fan error" - no battery included)

4x T520
Upgraded to 8GB RAM
i5-2520m CPU
6C batteries
$75 for excellent condition unit
$40 for "fair" condition unit

1x T400
Factory configuration (2GB/T9400/160GB)
Original 9C battery in "fair" condition
$30 "Good" condition

R60e 15" 4:3
Boots to Windows - however fan is broken as is the DC port and both will need replacement
Aftermarket 9C battery in "poor" condition

You can use this MTM lookup database with the model number to see the computer's original configuration. They're 2nd or 1st gen i5, except the T400 and R60e which are Core 2 Duo systems. Excellent for Windows 7 or XP setups to run old games or software.

I've booted each to check specs and confirm no obvious issues and check battery condition. All systems that are sold will be more thoroughly tested and cleaned prior to shipment. Condition of systems and batteries ranges from mint to poor/parts. The units in the best condition will be paired with the batteries in the best condition. Systems will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and the choice between the highest quality batteries (Panasonic 9 cell and LG 6 cell) are first-dibs to those buying the "excellent" or "mint" systems.

Prices are best offer PLUS shipping. Discounts for buying multiple systems at once. I will provide photos of requested systems after they are cleaned and tested via PM prior to closing a sale.

I can preload the factory OS (see my recovery set repository for a list) or leave the HDD/SSD blank. Systems will come with an original Lenovo 65W AC adapter. These T410 all shipped with a 90W charger due to the discrete GPU but I don't have enough 90W chargers to go with all of them but they do work with the 65W chargers. As before, the best units will get first dibs on the 90W chargers.

I prefer snail-mail check but PayPal is an option if necessary.