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I'm cleaning out my garage and found one last piece of non-racecar tbird bits that someone here might be interested in purchasing.

- These four pieces (two pieces to a door) are used to hold the glass window in the center of the slit where the glass slides in/out of the door body.I've also heard them referred to was "window sweeps" or even "Door belt weatherstrip"

- On the face of the piece that faces away from the glass, there's a rubbery feel.
- On the face of the piece that faces the window, it's a felt feel.

Installation is fairly simple.
- Remove the interior panel of the door. I haven't done this in a while but you should be able to lift it up and off after removing a few screws.
- You will then be able to clearly see the felt seals I'm selling.
- IIRC, there's one screw at the end of one of the pieces (inner or outer or both, I don't remember).
- Once that screw is removed, you will be able to lift the felt sweeps up over the lip and off the car.
- Once removed, the glass will move back and forth in the door channel (this is why you need the felt pieces)

They came from a 1993 tbird donor car and should fit all 89-97 tbirds and cougars. The reason these pieces are in such good condition is because the donor car was in the SF Bay Area its whole life. We don't really have much in the way of temperature swings here and rain really only comes seasonally (winter). I've heard from folks online who have really beat up window sweeps from the midwest/northeast where temp swings are much greater.

If interested, PM me with an offer and your delivery address. Given how long the box will need to be, this will likely need to go USPS to be cost effective. It's 5" x 5" x 49" and 10lb. I believe the shipping from 94040 should be <$30 since the box will be JUST under the balloon pricing.

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