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I'm posting and shipping this for a good friend with a 93 mark. He isn't on the forums. This alternator has been on his 93 for just over a year. He don't have a big stereo or anything, just needed a new one and figured he would put the best he could buy in the car. He is likley going to be getting into a new Camaro so he is selling some of his Mark VIII parts.

It was just recently sent back to PA Performance because the bearings were a little noisy. They replaced EVERYTHING on it out of courtesy (still the same case). You can see the regulator and everything is new when you look at the back of it.

I have some pictures of it on the car but I will try to get some others in the next few days.

It is powder coated black as well. With shipping he paid just under $500 for it. He is looking to get $375 shipped.

Here is a link to them new

NEW PRICE!! $325 shipped
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