I'm cleaning out my garage a bit more as my EV build progresses and I actually found one of my incomplete projects I started for track racing. Background:
  • On RH sweepers (IIRC), with less than 1/8th of a tank, fuel sloshes into the LH side of the double hump tank and the stock fuel pickup (which is a sock on a pump surrounded by a baffle) gets starved of gasoline. The result is that you'll feel a fuel cut. Noone likes that when racing.
  • I started this development project by buying a Walbro 190LPH fuel pump that has a threaded (vs nipped assembly on the bottom).
  • The plan was to thread on adapters to attach these three different Walbro VPN-MP13s. These are snowmobile fuel pickups that have the nice benefit of closing whenever they start sucking air.
  • I don't think I ever finished assembling everything as I realized that at the end of the day, getting that extra 15min of track time wasn't going to make my lemons team more competitive (with the exception of one driver, all of us got loopy after 90min on-track).
  • All you need to do is get an adapter to go from the elbow fitting at the bottom of the tank to a barb, get another tee barb, and connect the pickups. You may also need to tweak the fuel sender floater so it goes up and down inencumbered.

Now that my next racing will likely be back in Baja with the UTV and I'm currently focused on my EV conversion project, my loss is your gain. Pump is worth $60, pickups are $30/ea ($90), gas resistant hose + clamps + stock assembly bits is probably another $25.

Call it $90 shipped and you can have this whole package.
Also, if you need/want an M5R2 rebuild kit, I think I have this as well that I'll throw in (another $20 value).
Thanks for looking at my ad.