Im clearing out my garage and found this fuel pump that I was building up as part of a project to make sure you could run a tbird stock fuel tank OR a fuel cell dry. As some of you know, if you drop <1/8th of a tank, you'll encounter fuel starvation issues on long right hand sweepers.

I never finished this project BUT I'm selling these parts for a song as my new project is an EV conversion and I won't be screwing with fuel pumps anymore.

(3) Walbro MP 12-22215 snowmobile pickups - I think they cost me $30/ea
(3) random lengths of fuel safe hose
(1) Tbird fuel pump assembly w/ Walbro WSL391 fuel pump installed. $100

Just need to visit the fittings section of Home Depot or Lowes and find the right adapters to go from the screw mount on the bottom of the new fuel pump into tees to go to each of these snowmobile pickups. These pickups are designed to close when they start sucking air so with 3 of them flopping around in your fuel cell/tank, one will always be near gasoline.

That's the theory at least. I don't recall ever installing this stuff.
Take it all off my hands for $75+shipping.