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I copied and pasted this from an instant message war i had tonight, if anyone is bored, its a long but funny read......

Auto response from AmEriCanBASSBirD: American Muscle........

V-tec? V8
B16? V8
H22? V8

JamieDelSol93: and by the way bud look it up, a VTEC is not a type of motor, haha its an implement, on a motor like a b16
JamieDelSol93: this is all over sound?
AmEriCanBASSBirD: it blows my mind that you would even say anything in the first place
JamieDelSol93: why because u know uiam right
AmEriCanBASSBirD: right about what?
JamieDelSol93: that all trhis is about sound?
AmEriCanBASSBirD: no, its all about what i would rather drive
JamieDelSol93: and the fact that not everyone likes riding in muscle cars
JamieDelSol93: and ur cars not american muscle
AmEriCanBASSBirD: not everyone likes riding in hondas
JamieDelSol93: ask anyone
JamieDelSol93: yes acctually
AmEriCanBASSBirD: yes?
JamieDelSol93: accept for u old school muscle car hicks
AmEriCanBASSBirD: well everyone but me
AmEriCanBASSBirD: haha
AmEriCanBASSBirD: funny
JamieDelSol93: dude iam telling u
JamieDelSol93: no one like muscle cars anymore
JamieDelSol93: sorry but thats the way it goes
AmEriCanBASSBirD: honestly dude, u say im being defensive but ur the one the brought it up in the first place so in a way u are being defensive by blabbering about your honda.....dont get ur undies in a bundle
AmEriCanBASSBirD: im just giving it back to ya
JamieDelSol93: becasue everyone rags on hondas and they dont even know their true potential
AmEriCanBASSBirD: nobody likes muscle cars? go to street night at the dragway this summer in ur honda and we'll see about that
JamieDelSol93: how old are those people?
AmEriCanBASSBirD: the majority are intheir 20s actually
JamieDelSol93: well i dont go to the drags
AmEriCanBASSBirD: ok then, i hope ur smart enough to
AmEriCanBASSBirD: u seem like the type that will be out half killing people on the streets
JamieDelSol93: i like the streets better sorry
JamieDelSol93: its real drag racing
AmEriCanBASSBirD: see thats the difference between new school and old school
JamieDelSol93: its more adrenaline
AmEriCanBASSBirD: how can u say its more adrenaline when u've never tried it?
JamieDelSol93: its not all about "oh lets wait till f***** saturady or thursday," its more about allright, u wanna talk s*** lets hit it tongiht
AmEriCanBASSBirD: yea, thats dumb
AmEriCanBASSBirD: plain and simple
JamieDelSol93: u can honestly say u get a betta adreneline rush at the track
AmEriCanBASSBirD: yes
JamieDelSol93: then on the street?
AmEriCanBASSBirD: honestly
JamieDelSol93: ok then
JamieDelSol93: i see it differantly
AmEriCanBASSBirD: ok well im willing to say that we have differences but for some reason u cant accept that and u have to im me and rag on my away message just beacuse u dont agree? u need to grow up
JamieDelSol93: dude i hate people who go f***** around and like :eek:ohhhh honda sux honda sux and ragging on other peoples ****
JamieDelSol93: its just not ethical
AmEriCanBASSBirD: did i say honda sucks?
JamieDelSol93: ahhh yes!
AmEriCanBASSBirD: dont remember that
AmEriCanBASSBirD: ricers suck
JamieDelSol93: why because...
JamieDelSol93: there cars make a funny sound
JamieDelSol93: lol
AmEriCanBASSBirD: yea that sums it up....the funny sound really
AmEriCanBASSBirD: hondas are fine if ur gonna drive em but if u expect em to go fast....dont even bother
JamieDelSol93: hondas are only slow in maine
JamieDelSol93: we cant afford that s***
AmEriCanBASSBirD: haha, ok basically my logic behind this is......i have 1000 bucks in my car, and i run low 10s in the 1/8th.....for as little as 2 grand more i can have it in the 8s no problem......what did you pay for your car? and you porobably run mid 11s?
JamieDelSol93: u dont run low 10s
AmEriCanBASSBirD: ill scan a slip for ya
JamieDelSol93: do it
AmEriCanBASSBirD: 10.283
JamieDelSol93: 10 flat huh
AmEriCanBASSBirD: low 10s 10.283
JamieDelSol93: dude give me 1000 dollars buddy and i can get a greddy turbo kit and ill run f***** 10s
JamieDelSol93: like nobodys busness
AmEriCanBASSBirD: you can still never smoke the rear tires
AmEriCanBASSBirD: lol
JamieDelSol93: prob 9s
JamieDelSol93: maybe
AmEriCanBASSBirD:i payed 1000 dollars for my car....thats all i have in it, and i run 10s
JamieDelSol93: what!
JamieDelSol93: really?!
AmEriCanBASSBirD: yea
JamieDelSol93: hmmm
AmEriCanBASSBirD: what did u pay for ur car?
JamieDelSol93: 2400
JamieDelSol93: and my car WILL outlast any ford out there
AmEriCanBASSBirD: not if u put a fn turbo on it without upgrading a bunch of other stuff, u kids dont understand u cant just slap a turbo on there
JamieDelSol93: haha!
JamieDelSol93: i know about all that stuff
JamieDelSol93: and dont say u kids
JamieDelSol93: cuz i gaurentee most reall done up hondas out there will walk all over ur car
AmEriCanBASSBirD: dude did i say they wouldnt?

JamieDelSol93: ur saying the 6 cyl did 1/4 in 10!
JamieDelSol93: lol
JamieDelSol93: HAHA
JamieDelSol93: now i dont believe u!
AmEriCanBASSBirD: no i said the 1/8th numbnuts
JamieDelSol93: oh
AmEriCanBASSBirD: and my v6 ran 11s
JamieDelSol93: well iam talking 1/4 here
AmEriCanBASSBirD: i have 2 v8s ur not even listening to me ur just trying to be an a**
AmEriCanBASSBirD: yea but u didnt read my f***** im
JamieDelSol93: dude my car can run an 11 right now if i wanted it too
AmEriCanBASSBirD: Heres what i said, try reading it this time.....AmEriCanBASSBirD: haha, ok basically my logic behind this is......i have 1000 bucks in my car, and i run low 10s in the 1/8th.....for as little as 2 grand more i can have it in the 8s no problem......what did you pay for your car? and you porobably run mid 11s?
JamieDelSol93: i bielve the v8 part now but not the v6
AmEriCanBASSBirD: i actually ran a 10.7 with my v6
JamieDelSol93: what!
AmEriCanBASSBirD: i have that slip online
AmEriCanBASSBirD: h/o
JamieDelSol93: ha tommys dads truck killed u

Auto response from AmEriCanBASSBirD: finding a timeslip for numbnuts

AmEriCanBASSBirD: tommys dads truck ran 10.4s
JamieDelSol93: ok then
AmEriCanBASSBirD: my v8 beat it my v6 was just shy of it
JamieDelSol93: shy of it eh
JamieDelSol93: i bet the v8 beat it

AmEriCanBASSBirD: i never said it didnt what the f*** is up with u
AmEriCanBASSBirD: ur trying to put words in my mouth
JamieDelSol93: dude u cant say shy"
JamieDelSol93: shy is like .2 .3
AmEriCanBASSBirD: the diff between 10.4 and 10.7 is .3
AmEriCanBASSBirD: lol
AmEriCanBASSBirD: what r u smoking dude
JamieDelSol93: i dunno i ve never seen ur car run
JamieDelSol93: i ve seen a honda civic beat a dodge viper before tho
JamieDelSol93: american muscle for ya
AmEriCanBASSBirD: im #4 in the left lane
AmEriCanBASSBirD: Z34 in thr right was obviosuly a Z34
AmEriCanBASSBirD: lumina
JamieDelSol93: not bad
JamieDelSol93: i guess
AmEriCanBASSBirD: i got beat by the lumina
AmEriCanBASSBirD: u guess, u just dont know, 10.7 isnt all that good
AmEriCanBASSBirD: 10.2 isnt that great
AmEriCanBASSBirD: when i run mid 9s ill be happy
JamieDelSol93: ur v6 is equal to my sol
AmEriCanBASSBirD: probably
JamieDelSol93: but i should be cutting 1 sec or 1/2 off the 1/4 1/8
JamieDelSol93: supercharger and s***
JamieDelSol93: its gunna gove me 30fwh
AmEriCanBASSBirD: u should learn how to race the car the way it is before u waste ur money on a blower
JamieDelSol93: front wheel horsepower and proud of it!
AmEriCanBASSBirD: only 30>?
JamieDelSol93: dude for 100$?
AmEriCanBASSBirD: for a turbo?
JamieDelSol93: at 4psi
JamieDelSol93: no
JamieDelSol93: for an electric super charger
AmEriCanBASSBirD: $100?
JamieDelSol93: yeah
AmEriCanBASSBirD: i thought u said 1000
AmEriCanBASSBirD: for a greddy
JamieDelSol93: dude...!
JamieDelSol93: a Greddy turbo kit gives me like 350 hp
JamieDelSol93: lol
AmEriCanBASSBirD: 350 lol
JamieDelSol93: this sis a small little fan that goes in the intake
JamieDelSol93: lol
JamieDelSol93: it doubles the hp
JamieDelSol93: yes
AmEriCanBASSBirD: dont even waste ur money on that, electric supercharger
AmEriCanBASSBirD: who makes it?
JamieDelSol93: typhoon
JamieDelSol93: i am giving it a try
AmEriCanBASSBirD: doubles the hp, ur saying u have 175 now?
JamieDelSol93: i have about 130 40
AmEriCanBASSBirD: those are the gayest things in the world
JamieDelSol93: dude have u ever used one?
AmEriCanBASSBirD: 130 + 130 = 260
AmEriCanBASSBirD: no cuz i know theyre a waste of money
JamieDelSol93: umm i dont have 1000
AmEriCanBASSBirD: you would if u saed ur money, if u buy this typhoon thing ur gonna be outta 100 and ur certainly not gonna gain 30hp
JamieDelSol93: umm h/o
JamieDelSol93: put one on my friends civic and cut 1/2 second off of his 1/4 mile time and I personally gained 29 hp on the dyno at my friends hotrod shop.
JamieDelSol93: thats what the guy says
JamieDelSol93: 29 hp
JamieDelSol93: eBay item 7949069590 (Ends Jan-24-05 19:07:28 PST) - Honda CRX/Del Sol/Civic SI/LX/EX/DX Supercharger -turbo
AmEriCanBASSBirD: yea i could put a log of my own feces on ebay and say i jammed it in my hondas tailpipe and gained 100 and people like you would beleive it
JamieDelSol93: oh yeah and i got a chip
AmEriCanBASSBirD: congratulations
JamieDelSol93: yes i want to take u on this summer
JamieDelSol93: slips?
AmEriCanBASSBirD: yea right
AmEriCanBASSBirD: time slips

Allright, u get the idea....this is the kind of crap i have to put up with! Every night!

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Three words:

Get New Friends. :D :)

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Honestly, street racing has a bit of adrenaline but mostly just a scared time. If you see a cop you are toast. At the track you get to put all that aside and just have fun and actually stomp the gas without having to keep an eye out at every corner. So more adrenaline and less looking for cops and other cars.

Ricer's are so stupid when it comes to general knowledge. We were at a car show and there was this real nice Hond Civic. It had a built engine, turbo, full on drag car but streetable. No rice to it (large wing, ghey stickers, etc.) Everything it had because it needed it. It actually did run 10s. But the point is we are standing there talking to the owner and a kid come up and looks at the blue hoses under the hood. He stands there with a WOWed look on his face. Then he asked what's that? And points to what is the radiator hose. He thought it went to the turbo or something (which was on the other side of the engine). So there are actually cool hondas and cool owners of them out there but a lot of stupid people give them a bad wrap.

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you want a adrenaline rush, race for pink slips. 1 run that it, no miss shifts, no bad starts nothing. Ask him to race for that and see what he says.

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wow kids these days.

dont worry, enough of me whooping their wannabe fast cars will make them see the light. **** i wont even use my high boost, ill run 11psi and super rich(tuned for 20psi) and still leave them in the dust. what a retard. just cause all his freinds drive imports he thinks that muscle is dead. muscle isnt dead, muscle got bored with racing slow *** hondas on the street and now do real races at the track with other actually fast cars. muscle doesnt waste gas on a 15 second econo-box. no matter how big a turbo or bov sound theres nothing better than the sound of a lopey v8 with open headers. v8 roar>4banger buzz anyday. and i can say that cause i have a 4banger and itll never sound as nice as a V8, no matter how deep nothing beats a V8 rumble.

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Thankfully the amount of ricers around the Netherlands is relatively low, but unfortunately also climbing. I've had this same discussion a few times now, and the ricers just won't accept that my 3500lbs V6 powered 'bird is *still* able to get off the line faster than their honda-with-fartcannon. It's too bad we have no racetracks here, so sometimes I'll just do a short stoplight sprint with them, but other than that, no rice frying here :(

Raoul Duke
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Tell him street racing will give him all the adrenaline he wants... after he kills somebody.

Nobody likes muscle cars anymore?
How narrow-minded of a lemming do you have to be to buy euro taillights? I'm just curious...

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Yut's today with there im(perfect)sports cars! So full of brown rice, got there minds clogged. What did he forget to tell ya? Oh yea- His mom bought him "Turbo tax" for Christmas, and that he couldn't figure out why he couldn't get it to down load into his Honda's EEC. :(

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i loved the whole thing. but the only thing i hated to read was this..:
AmEriCanBASSBirD: hondas are fine if ur gonna drive em but if u expect em to go fast....dont even bother

hondas can go fast... dont hate the car, hate the driver, haha

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i deal with the same damn bs here . its crazy these idiots dont realize what it takes to make a car fast. muscle is dead huh, my 4000k galaxie with a 352 that stock made 300 lbs of torque . and thats the small motor !

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ya muscle aint dead, my family, uncles, cousins, friends there friends, and there friends would ALLLLL LOVE to get a handle on a V8 and make them scream. And your telling me when a late 60's early 70's muscle car drives by a ricer his mouth isnt gonna drop and say DAMMM!!!!!!

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pretty effen funny..

and yeah, not ALL of youth likes Hondas/Imports. I'm 16, AND ASIAN!, and happily drive my Thunderbird. I'd rather have it over any Honda...except for maybe an NSX..

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HoodScoop346: lol
JamieDelSol93: who is this
HoodScoop346: somone who read that funny *** thread about you.
JamieDelSol93: who is this

JamieDelSol93: lol
HoodScoop346: you can just call me TB if ya like
JamieDelSol93: yeah well do u agree with me how his v6 T bird isnt a muscle car?
HoodScoop346: yea, V6 T-Birds, by definitions ARE NOT muscle cars, but, not to my knowledge did he claim it IS muscle cars. They dont make muscle cars anymore anyway.
JamieDelSol93: dude i hang out with him like every night in the summer and he claims it is american muscle
JamieDelSol93: lol
JamieDelSol93: considering my Zc VTEC can beat him
JamieDelSol93: lol
JamieDelSol93: he dosent like "riders" cuz they sound funny
JamieDelSol93: lol
HoodScoop346: but, uh, do you actually think that those electric superchargers add hp?
JamieDelSol93: no man i just wanted to try it out
JamieDelSol93: i had the extra $
JamieDelSol93: so iam wtf y not
JamieDelSol93: right
HoodScoop346: eh..
JamieDelSol93: what do u drive
HoodScoop346: i could think of better stuff to bloe $100 on
HoodScoop346: ..guess...
JamieDelSol93: hmmm honda??
HoodScoop346: yeah
JamieDelSol93: no ford
HoodScoop346: I got a B18C5 Hatch
JamieDelSol93: oh really!
JamieDelSol93: nice
JamieDelSol93: i bet u trach t birds
JamieDelSol93: VTEC?
HoodScoop346: uh..yea
JamieDelSol93: nice man
JamieDelSol93: where r u from
HoodScoop346: va
JamieDelSol93: oh
JamieDelSol93: nice
JamieDelSol93: yeah that argument was all about how he hates hondas becasue they sound funny
JamieDelSol93: lol
JamieDelSol93: and how u cant make them fast
JamieDelSol93: iam like
JamieDelSol93: ahhhh no
JamieDelSol93: lol
JamieDelSol93: yeah if u knew him in real life hes an ***
JamieDelSol93: u want to see my car... h/o
JamieDelSol93: Honda del Sol pictures and photos
HoodScoop346: yea, my Civic could beat his T-Bird, its got some mods on it..ya know..Spoon Sports ECU, AEM CAI, DC Sports Ceramic Headers, Tunave cat back, NGK Wires, ACT Stage 3 clutch, RC 270cc injectors, MSD 6al ignition, Gude TB, JG Cams, and Skunk 2 cam gears
JamieDelSol93: god damn
JamieDelSol93: i just got some ractive 9mm wires
JamieDelSol93: well i just got my sol this summer, and now its in storage for the winter
HoodScoop346: running a low 8:1 comp ratio with PC Pistons, and running a Turbonectics T3/T4 Hybrid setup
JamieDelSol93: i plan on swapping for an h22
JamieDelSol93: ahhhhhh
JamieDelSol93: nice
HoodScoop346: running 8 PSI and dynos 336 FWD
JamieDelSol93: omg
JamieDelSol93: mint
JamieDelSol93: dude u know that little supercharger will give me 3
JamieDelSol93: lol
JamieDelSol93: psi that is 3
HoodScoop346: yea
HoodScoop346: that Impreza pic is hilarous
JamieDelSol93: i know man
HoodScoop346: and are those the new civic si wheels?
JamieDelSol93: yeah man iam getting rid of them once i get the car back
JamieDelSol93: there just on there cuz the car had no wheels when i baught it
JamieDelSol93: what do u run on the 1/4 mile
HoodScoop346: right now i run 13's
JamieDelSol93: nice
JamieDelSol93: i bet u could run faster
HoodScoop346: I just ordered Type R drive shafts with a Qualfe LSD
JamieDelSol93: i hate u people with money
JamieDelSol93: lol
HoodScoop346: i dont have money
JamieDelSol93: it sounds like it
JamieDelSol93: lol
HoodScoop346: well.. as in I bought it my self by working hard
JamieDelSol93: yeah
JamieDelSol93: i am acctually saving for a CBR 600rr
JamieDelSol93: so iam just going to do the essentials to my sol then just play with it later

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