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So.. I found a 95 SC 5-speed locally with 76k on it and if the guy still has it, I may be very interested in selling my Pearl 96 V8.

It's modified, and will be sold as is because I don't have the stock pieces for it.

PI Cams
PI Intake Manifold
Steeda Underdrives
22c Plugs
180 T-Stat
SCT9100 Flasher
J-Spec Transmission (built by a shop here in San Diego)
Mark VIII Converter
93 Mark VIII Drive Shaft
FRPP 3.73 TL Centersection
B&M 24k GVWR Transmission Cooler
Legendary Hoods "Ram Air" Cobra R Hood
3000GT Spoiler
SC Rear Seat Back
New Genuine Ford Headlamp Housings
Clear Corner Lenses
Will also enclude Viper Alarm. (Starter/Ignition Kill IIRC, Responder Remote KeyFOB, Upgradeable to include window roll down, remote start, etc... will require purchase of seperate modules from a Viper dealer.)

The stereo system would be replaced with a stock unit if I end up getting the SC. The tires are still good, If I had to estimate, I'd say almost half of their tread life left. It uses a bit of oil, the interior is good except for some staining on the carpet and a very slight tear on the driver's side bolster. THe SC rear seat has the L Braces and was recovered last November. Centersection has been filled with Royal Purple since purchased, and all major fluids would be flushed and refilled fresh before delivery of the car. Hell, I'll even buy your first tank of Premium Gas (for local buyers.) The transmission shifts hard as hell with the SCT software and the J-Mod, guaranteed chirp in 2nd gear and extremely solid engagement into 3rd and OD. No gear noise and the Mark VIII shaft has no problem with vibration that I notice. I am a smoker but there are no burn holes anywhere in the uphulstry. Registration is paid until Jul '05.

KBB Private Party value on the car in stock condition is around $3600 dollars. I know modified cars tend to sell for less money, but I'd like to get around $5000 for her, because all of the mods above are very common and known to not cause problems with the vehicle. I'll also entertain reasonable offers. You're going to have to arrange for shipping.

Any more specific questions can be handled in PMs.



Johnny Bling Bling
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i'll give you $100 for the fiero gt!!! :thumbsup:

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4point6r0x0rz said:
I don't understand why you would give that up for an older S/C. Isn't yours faster and more reliable?
Considering there were only 574 95 sc 5speeds made.....
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