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I am looking to see how much interest people will have for stainless steel brake hard lines. There are several different combinations for these cars so if you are interested post the following information.

Year and make of car.
Antilock or traction control.
stock brake system or modified.
need for line lock fittings.
Do you want them installed or do you just want premade lines you can install yourself. Line will be roughed in with major bends done, adjustments will be required. Some bending experience is helpful however I have found Harbor freight has coils that you slide over the line to make bending foolproof.

How much would you expect to pay, Keep in mind we are talking stainless so material cost isn't like standard steel at $1 a foot Stainless is closer to about $3 and metric fittings are not cheap line standard are, the fittings are costing about $5 a piece, possibly less if I can buy in large quantities.
questions, thoughts?
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