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Hello Everone!

Well I have seen for quite a while here what has and is going on regarding posts. etc. on the TCCoA site. To everyone here, I do not post and chat here on the BBS forums, etc. like everyone else here. Not that its wrong its just my personal choice. I value each and everyones posts and stay silent regarding issues until they get blown out of perportion.

One thing I wil not do is to post any negativity on to this forum against anyone period! None one here Including myself is perfect. We all have our positives and negatives. There have been times where I was wrong on items and certian things for the club and i have been rightfully discussed By Mark, Bill, and others and as well as myself to them. It's called... TEAMWORK... for the betterment of each other and the club as a whole. Communication is the key for success. Remember this is only a club and a place to support the mn12 and the place all of us to get togather and socialize. Nothing ever is perfect here and as well as some people like to take things into extremes. I understand, and this is where Bill, Mark, the moderators, and myself take into consideration if the post is valid or not. Then the decision is properly communicated/ finalized by Bill, Mark, and/or the moderator/s involved.

Regarding Seabass, I agree that he is a intrical part of the club ( He, K Danner, Keith, myself. and several others have been with the TCCoA since the early 90's). Bottom line is this.... everyone needs to get along here and thats all.

Regarding myself and several posts asking where I am, I am here at my office watching everything closely 10 hours day. (I work for an internet company) So regarding me not being here; I am here, and seeing whats going on. The good, the bad, and the very ugly which Bill, Mark, and myself are not proud of seeing here.

Second, Regarding the Question about the work for the club? I am constantly working behind the scene ( well as many of the other members and leaders in the group like Bill, mark) and with lots of hard effort, time, my personal resources to get several major projects done so that each and everyone of you can benefit from. (IE...Chassis componets and body parts, etc). Rome was not built in a day. Neither was the TCCoA! So for all the members, etc. I have not left the organization, nor the focus that the club has for growth, improvements, etc. and I have seen many positive changes through the many years for the betterment of all. There are many more to come in the future!

Bottom line is this.......... I am here as a member first supporting all of you as members wanting all of you to positively contribute to the TCCOA! Everyone here in The club has uniques in there own ways and all; I repeat all have solid contributions to the club! If anyone has a disagreement. Dont slash the person/ people involved here on the forums, take care of the issue one to one away from the club and from the BBS, (IE. email each other, im each other, call each other, work it out.) Then come back with positive resolution be it technical or not. the TCCoA has come a long way and we yet have farther to go! Help the members and yourself as a positive TCCoA member.
My compliments to all of the moderators in doing excellent work and support with the different area of the forums.

In closing, If anyone ever needs to reach me, email me. [email protected] or [email protected]

Either way I am here for all of you.

Merry Christmas to all a Successful and Happy New Year!


Troy Brand
National Coordinator- TCCoA

Cougar Pilot
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Troy I've heard some things about you trying to get some new parts developed for our beloved MN12 chassis. What kinds of things are we talking about?
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