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I have a set of 8 piston rings, four boxes with two sets per box. The part number is F8LZ-6148-AA which best I can figure translates to 1998 Lincoln Service Part - Piston Rings.

They have the thin 1.2mm top ring, so the set is 1.2mm/1.5mm/3.0mm and fits 1998-2002 Ford 4.6/5.4L DOHC 32v VIN V, X, or 9 including Lincoln, Continental, Mustang, and Triton truck engines.

As far as I can research, they cross to the following other manufacturers:
Enginetech S90238
Grant C3931 & P3931
Hastings 2C5018
NPR SWF30008 & SWL03187
Sealed Power E914K
Ford F8LZ-6148-AA

If anybody knows anything different, please let me know. I'm asking $50 + $6 for shipping USPS for this set which is a great deal since each box of 2 is over $100 at the Ford stealership.

Thank you!

The boxes:

One package opened up:

Crappy pic of me trying to show the difference between top 1.2mm and 2nd 3.0mm ring:

Another pic of top and 2nd rings:

Last pic of boxes:
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