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I been do some experimenting with my rotary engine, and before I apply this new idea to my 4.6.. I really need to know what exactly I could be destroying.

Here is my situation...I have been building RX7s for about 15 years, all Rx7s are oil injected directly into the combustion chamber. I have always added 1 ounce of TCW-3 to each gallon of gas, so basically I am premixing and oil injecting. I was getting right around 18 mpg..I added another .5 to my premixture for 1.5 ounce per gallon. My gas mileage went up to 26.25 per gallon, same roads same driving style, same gas, same gas station.

Now I was reading the big gas companies took out all the sulpher in the gas which is the lubricity of the gas, because of emissions purposes. Adding TCW-3 puts back all the sulpher in the gas, hence better gas mileage? less friction, less heat, more power, more efficent.

Will I have any issues running TCW-3 in the 4.6? I was going to start with .5 per gallon and see what happens and add more TCW-3 from there..the only parts to foul out would be plugs and O2 sensors..and cats, but those are pipes now on my car..any other issues with this? am I wasting my money adding TCW-3 to a piston 4 stroke engine?

Thank you!
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