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Hello Boys (and girls)!
It's been about eight months since I last poked in around here, and it's good to see that the TCCoA is still alive and well.

Now to my question:
My "Check Gauges" light is glowing....dim at first, then brighter as the car warms up. I thought that this idiot light only came on if one (or more) of the guages was out of the "NORMAL" range, or when the gas got down to red. But all of these indicators are OK. I found in the shop manual that this guage can get glowing if the charging system is funky (although I thought that was what the battery-icon light was for). But a check of the battery shows it's strong. More to the point,i f the battery were weak, wouldn't it make sense that the guage start off bright and then get dim as the battery got charged from the engine?

I've turned alot of wrenches in my time, but I am no electrical wizard. Who can explain to me how/why the charging system is rigged to this idiot light, and what I need to do to stop this glowing ember? Is getting a new battery the cheapest solution? Could this be a fuse panel or power distribution box issue?

My "Check Guages" light is glowing and driving me NUTS :boom:
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