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I'm in the process of rebuilding my 4.6 32V and purchased a Modular Mustang Racing street mod 900 after smoking my current stock 4.6 at the strip. (13psi ProCharger w/471RWHP) With the new forged motor, I'm looking for something a little different than all the other s/c kits for our Marauders.

So why is a Marauder owner here at TCCoA?

Two reasons, 1. I've owned a couple 67 cougars in the past and 2. the article in Hot Rod Jan 2002 about Rich Brandl's 4.6 with a 6-71 in his 87 T-Bird.

I'm looking for info on Rich's intake and any way to contact him about it.

Of course, any and all info on getting this mod completed is always welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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