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I have decided to keep my thunderbird. I know I'm always saying how i'm going to sell and buy a mustang or F-150 etc. But I have decided as a poor college student who's going to be getting married in a few years another payment wouldn't be the best option. So I have decided to build my bird and keep it looking stock. I recently had the injection system cleaned and put in new plugs and it's like a rocket now. Any way I'd like to have about 290-300 rear wheel horsepower. I know the 2 valve 4.6 won't cut it without serious work. PLus I'd rather have a 4 valve 4.6. Will the stock transmission handle the power of a 32V 4.6? Plus about how much will it cost (engine included and electronics/computer) to do a complete swap? I know a new exhaust system will be needed so I plan on using borla... I know the transmission will need to be strengthened. So what would be the best way to have my transmission build or should it just be replaced...?

Or is it just easier to have my engine built by a shop with ported and polished heads, honed intake, throttle body, and a supercharger/turbo. I want a true dyno 290-300 RWHP. I can only afford to do one thing at a time be it either engine or transmission. I have like 500$$ to pay my car off then I can start to save like 300.00+ a month for mods. I'm keeping the exterior stock looking with the exception of window tint, fog lights, headlight covers. keeping stock wheels. Just want a street looking sleeeper that will roast Z28's and firebirds. I live in St.Louis Missouri if anyone has information about where to get these upgrades done I'd greatly appreciate it. I appreciate all who will read this and who respond. I can be reached at [email protected] thanks

Nick in St.Louis

GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!
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