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I'm going to look at a 98 jeep limited tomorrow with 201k .cracked windshield and gas gauge don't work. Pretty clean but I know the rust spots to check for..
Its one of the few suvs I like. He's also tossing in a heavy duty brush guard then 1st Thu g I order is a 3in lift.
Also has new 33in tires on it already...wish me luck guys and I hope she's clean enough for my liking. I'm picky. Big reason I'm ditching the mark is the couple dents and another child on the way too .
Btw,the jeep is the 5.9,rear Dana 44 and 373 gears stock..says has exhaust and chip but will verify.I thought there's just tuners for them not and piggyback style chips but I could be wrong...
I'm meeting the guy at 5 about an hour away..
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