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Well guys,

A few weeks ago, I took my gutted Y pipe to midas to get 2 straight pipes made up to try and help out my not being able to hear the car while racing. They got them done up, and only charged $50. I dont have the 02 sensor bungs welded in yet, or the holes drilled, but I do have the bungs and I'm going to run just the up stream ones. I have to get a clamp for on the back of the pipes to hold them closer to the body, now the onlything holding them up is the manifolds, and while I dont think they'll rub the track, I dont think they'll make it off the trailer.

I'll see about getting some pics, the car is in the middle of being painted now so it may be a bit.

While the car is far from souding like a top fuel car, or a nitro funny boat, it does sound pretty good for what it is. It definatly has the "grin" factor :D ! Its got a good bit more grunt to it than with the Y pipe, I think the gutted cats were acting like resonators, dedening the sound.

Not that this is late breaking news or anything, just figured I'd let you guys know I actually had it done.

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