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Looks like some customers were out having a little fun over the weekend.

First, a full weight Bullitt Mustang that still has everything in the car including his AC. He has had that transmission in his car since late in '05. I have been into it only to update to newer stuff a couple of times, but the transmission hasn't been touched since sometime in the middle of '07.

Damn impressive what he has done with that car!

Then, the timeslip from a customer who swapped in one of our auto setups instead of the 5 speed setup that he had been fighting. His is on the left. Car number 6625

That car is an 04 2v turbo setup and like the Bullitt in the video above, he pretty much skipped the 10's. That slip was like from his first real time out to the track after the swap. His best ever on his old 5 speed setup was a 10.98 @ 134. He was hoping for what he thought was an optimistic 10.40 pass.

And, he tuned it himself. I think that impresses me more than anything. I am trying to get some video from him.

Congrats to both of these guys!

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