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The car: 95 Grand Am, 3.1 Auto
Problems: Slipping tranny and intermittent starting issues

I haven't had a chance to look at the car yet (it's my sister's old car, I may be using it as a winter beater) Just recently the trans has been slipping out of gear for extended periods of time, I think it has only happened twice thus far, probably in a period of 500 miles or less. My dad was driving it once, he had to pull over and just shut it off for about 5 minutes and then it was fine after that. Is there anything on these like the bad 94/5 MLPS that would have a tendancy to go downhill causing this?

The other problem...sometimes it starts and sometimes it won't. My sister was going to come back from school and it started, she left, stopped at subway and shut it off. Came back and no go. Dad had someone drive up to get it with a trailer and it started right up. Drove it on the trailer, got it home and it wouldn't start. Again, I'm not sure if there was any power (lights, dings, etc) when the key was in the KOEO position or not, but from what I understand the engine didn't even crank. Would this possibly be the ignition cylinder?

Just looking for some common things that may help to start trouble shooting these couple issues, so I can get it on the road before the snow hits. If it's a trashed trans, I know I can pick one up for about $2-300, seems they are a fairly common trans in the GM line from Barettas and Corsicas as well. Hopefully I can have a bit to take a look at it this weekend. TIA

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