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Effective immediately, the following guidelines will apply to all Group Purchases (GP) offered to members of the TCCoA via the site's forums:

1) Group Purchases are welcome!

2) All Group Purchases MUST be approved IN ADVANCE of their being posted in any of the TCCoA forums. GPs threads that have not been approved by TCCoA Staff will be closed immediately. Approval must be sought for each and every GP proposed; previous approval to post a GP does NOT automatically grant approval to post additional ones.

3) The person organizing the GP must provide information about the proposed GP via e-mail to the moderator(s) of the forum(s) where he/she intends to post the GP. The following information is required:

- The item(s) that are being made available via GP
- The name of the business that will be providing the item(s) offered for GP
- The time frame over which the GP will run
- Any special restrictions or requirements for the GP

The organizer must also affirm that he/she is not in any way associated with the business that is offering the GP, and is not receiving any profit, incentive, or "kickback" of any kind in return for setting up the GP.

4) When your request has been approved by a member of the TCCoA Staff, you may proceed to post it in the forum(s) you requested.

5) Only one GP per part will be allowed at any one time. (In other words, no competing GPs for the same thing). We ask that members please not put "so-and-so down the street has a better price" replies into a GP post.

Please keep in mind that GP posts are for purposes of informing and gauging interest only, and are for Thunderbird, Cougar, Mark VII, and Mark VIII related parts and accessories only. The TCCoA forums are NOT to be used as an ordering system. All ordering and exchange of shipping information should be done directly with the business that is providing the GP or with the organizer of the GP as appropriate. Any follow-up, installation issues, or problems associated with the GP should be done directly with the business providing the GP or with the organizer.


TCCoA Staff
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