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has anyone does this yet?

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i read somewhere that someone redid thier stock exhaust on a 93 bird n/a by taking off the single pipe coming out of the stock muffler along with the resonator and repalcing it with 2 1/4" single pipe and y'ed before the differential and then run duals out the back. so just pipe work done and only muffler is the stock one in the middle, inexpensive mod as well. has anyone done this before or knows how it sounds? and what was paid to get it done? thanks.
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I did something similar, I just dumped the mufflers and kept stock resonator in middle and did split out back, sounds quiet still and cheap.

if yours is a pre 96, yes it would sound good. if its a 96-7, it is loud as heck. not necessarily a bad sound, just LOUD. the resonator is much smaller on the 96-7's
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