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>>pardon me while i rant about my truck.<<

so i bought a truck last year, after i moved back to my hometown. bought an '85 F-150 xlt from a guy i work with. pretty beastly truck - very tough. very well taken care of too (very USED as a truck but mechanically still pretty sound). but me being paranoid went ahead and did an exhaustive tune up on it as soon as i bought it.

here's where the story gets fun.

i took the truck to the local shop run by my sister's ex husband (should have known better :\), cause i figured i could trust 'em. anyhow, two days and $550 later i get my truck back.

seemed ok, but then on my way home from work the second or third day after picking it back up (VERY hot week - 117°+ all week) the thing just WICKED overheats. so i pull off the road, pop the hood, and see coolant sprayed EVERYWHERE. it seems the mechanic shop neglected to TIGHTEN my upper radiator hose and i blew all the coolant out in one fell swoop.

so i take the truck back into the shop, and tell them what happened. oh, they're sorry, they'll take care of that right away.

after i go to pick the truck back up AGAIN, i notice a HUGE oil puddle underneath it. again, pop the hood, see what's up. MAD oil has sprayed out from the number 4 cylinder on the right side - just in the perfect spot to be spraying all over my distributor. so once again, i go inside and ask what is up, tell 'em i seem to have blown a head gasket.

so the owner comes out and looks at it for all of three seconds. "nope, that's not a blown head gasket" and walks back into the shop.


at this point i'm pretty fumin and i figure the fight's not even worth it.

long story short, the more i drove it, as rarely as that was, the much worse it got.

so finally my wife and i decided to take it out to her mom's barn and take the engine apart.

bad things did abound.

warped head, broken bolts, oil covered spark plugs, CRACKED cylinder wall ...

anyhow, we got it all apart this weekend and took the head into a machine shop to be reworked.

enjoy the pics - at least this will give me a chance to clean EVERYTHING!

>>end rant<<
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