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I have a set of custom ported 4.6L DOHC "B" heads for sale.

These heads were ported by Fox Lake years ago and have had some additional custom port work done (according to Fox Lake). They were tested by Fox Lake and found not to have any problems after they were pulled for being suspect (total disclosure).

Also, I have the reground cams that were in the heads when I bought them. They are the Sean Hyland #2725 cams w/ 452/.452” Lift and 209/225 degree duration @ .050".

The following are the flow numbers that I was told...

Lift(in) Intake(CFM) Exh(CFM)

.100 100 90
.200 173 175
.300 225 224
.400 268 244
.500 297 258
.600 315 267

The heads are bare and the cams can be sold separate. There is NO valvetrain included.

I have a ton of money sunk into these and I will plan on loosing big time but I am open to reasonable offers. Just no lowballs please. ;)

I can send pics to those who are seriously interested. Send a PM or email for further info.

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