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I would rather do the head gaskets again on the 89, or the intake manifold and cams on the 97/4.6 I don't remember it being this bad when I did it 11 years ago, I must have been younger and dumber. This would/should be the death knell for this car, but I just got the front end sorted out, some nicer wheels, the brakes working (Sport and soon to be GT PBR), a trailer hitch so I can haul kitchen cabinets and a fridge, and haul stuff to the dump...

I got the AC evacuated (still had 2 pounds 8 ounces of R12, what was put in it 7 years ago when I got a new compressor), the cluster out, the three attachments in the engine compartment, the one (??) under the dash, unhooked the AC lines and the heater hoses, loosened the dash so it comes forward, and I can't get it out far enough to get the stubs through the firewall out.

I can't figure out why I can't get the plenum out, I got the side window demisters detached, the passenger side vent. I can't get the heater ducting out either.

I look like I had a fight with a bengal tiger and lost, sharp sharp metal.

While I am pondering it, I added another relay to the autostart so it would stop blowing the fuse if the AC was on and the blower motor was on high.

Any tips?
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