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What are the stiffest, most heavy-duty shocks avail for the LX and who makes them?
I want the LX I'm buying to handle as well as my SC did with its tired, worn out ARC system.
There are lots of dips in my neighborhood and I want to keep the nose of the car stable and minimize brake-dive.

It looks like the recommendation is Motorcraft 96 Sport valved front shocks and 99-04 Cobra Conv't. rears? Do the cobra convertible rear shocks bolt up like stock?

Second, am I able to use SC springs front/rear, or would I be better off simply replacing the springs? I do not want to lower the car, but simply firm up the ride and keep the car from bottoming out.

How different is the SC's front sway bar from the LX and should I go to the trouble of obtaining and installing an SC front sway bar?

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