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The Cougar in my sig got totaled. Nobody got hurt, thank God. Basically the entire driver's side is crushed in about 6" to a foot. My son lost control and ended up in a ditch at about 40 mph.

The good news is all of the drive-train parts and other goodies are ready for a different Cougar or T-bird to put them into.

I would prefer a 94/5, but a 96/7 is certainly not out of the question. It's just that a 94/5 would match what I already have and make the swap easier.

-Must be 94 V8 or newer
-Body must be in good shape (not need a paint job). Minor dings and such are okay.
-Interior must also be in reasonable shape.
-Power locks and widows, cruise, SATC; the more features the better.

Could you kind folks keep an eye out for another car for me?

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