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Foolishly, I did not label my wiring loom before I cut and stripped the tape. My confusion is with the injector side of the harness and need the color of the wire to the injector/cylinder. I'm using a 93-95 Mark VIII harness. Your help would be appreciated.
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I can't easily attach the diagram itself, but here is the wiring breakdown for a 95 MarkVIII.
Red is common power to all injectors and various sensors, supplied by the ECM. Ground controlled by the ECM on the following wires
#1 Tan, pin 58 on ECM
#2 White, pin 59 on ECM
#3 Brown/Yellow, pin 39 on ECM
#4 Brown/Light blue, pin 35 on ECM
#5 Tan/Black, pin 15 on ECM
#6 Light green/Orange, pin 12 on ECM
#7 Tan/Red, pin 13 on ECM
#8 Light blue, pin 14 on ECM
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