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basicly i am debating between these 2 phones:eek: and i need to choose ASAP
help me chose one of em and state why
LG VX3200

Basic Information
Talk time: 200 minutes
Standby time: 180 hours
Size: 3.35H x 1.81W x 0.92D inches
Weight: 3.53 oz

Basic Features

Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) to send and receive text messages with graphics and sound
E911 Emergency Location-capable
Large 65K STN INTERNAL color display (128 x 128)
Two-way TXT Messaging
99 speed dials
Voice-Activated Dialing
CMX MIDI for polyphonic ringer and sound capability
Large Phone Book: 300 contacts (each stores 5 numbers and 3 email addresses)
36 ringtones plus vibrating alert
Personalize Theme Colors (Blue, Green, Violet, Orange) and Font Colors (Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink)
Bilingual (English and Spanish) capabilities
PC connector type: USB
1-Year limited warranty
Handset insurance available
Meets FCC SAR limit. Manufacturer's highest FCC reported SAR 1.27 at ear, 1.00 on body. Actual SAR may vary.
Samsung SCH-a530s

Basic Information
Talk time: 160 minutes
Standby time: 140 hours
Size: 3.2H x 1.7W x 0.9D inches
Weight: 3.0 oz

Basic Features

All Digital handset*
8-line text display
Main display 128x160 Pixel, 65K Color, STN
External display 96X64 Pixel, 256 Color
Directional navigation key
Personal organizer
Voice-activated dialing/voice memo
T9 predictive text for rapid entry
999 phone book entries
15 ring tones plus vibrating alert
Standard 2.5mm jack to accept universal hands-free accessories
GPS capable for E911 emergency location
Meets FCC SAR limit. Manufacturer's highest FCC reported SAR 1.47 at ear, 1.39 on body. Actual SAR may vary.

*Operates on wireless networks providing digital service. Check the All-Digital Rate and Coverage Area for your calling plan. With "All-Digital" devices you can make and receive calls only when digital service is available. When digital service is not available your device will not operate or be able to make 911 calls. This device is not compatible with the National SingleRate calling plan

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LG :D:tongue: becuase it has a USB. If you have a camara phone, take some pics of the honies and put them on your phone..

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I had a Nokia 8890 and loved it but I wanted a color phone. Now I have the Siemens SL56 slide phone. Flip phones are for the commoners :D
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