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Hi everyone!!!

I am posting this to see if anyone would like to sponsor me. I am participating in the 8th annual Seek the Peak Mount Washington Hike a Thon to be held on July 25th & 26th.
All proceeds go to save the Mount Washington Observatory atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Any amount (even $1.00) would be one step closer to my goal, as I need $100 minimum sponsorship to be able to do the hike.
I am really looking forward to doing this, so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!!! The site accepts only Mastercard and Visa, but you can also send it to my PayPal Account, and I can drop it off in person to the hard working people at the Mount Washington Observitory. My PayPal account is [email protected]. The site to pledge by Mastercard and Visa is below. joe white

They do have insentive prizes, for the most money collected. Check out the site to see what I could win!!!

Thanks in advance!!! Wish me the best of luck!!
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