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My Mother in law has a 96 Cougar V-6. I'm trying to help her, since ive messed with all my MN12's before. well, I get a P0172 and P0175 which are bank 1 and 2 rich. Thats the only codes. Its got 0 guts off the line, actually feels like you didnt even hit the gas, then zooms away all of the sudden. Its got me confused...

Ive checked/cleaned the MAF, the IAC, and verified that the TPS is 1 volt at idle, but dont know otherwise. The FPR responds to unplugging the vacuum line and there isnt any signs of leakage. I doubt all the O2 sensors would go bad at one time?
Please, if anyone knows anything about this. HELP!!!!:confused:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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