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Haynes or chilton manuals.

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well. I like to pull an engine like this. Some things will be easier to do from underneath the car and might require undoing fasteners 'by feel'

***Tranny to engine bolts are 13mm, not 1/2" *** You will round them with a 1/2 wrench. (might be the other way around, I forget, check the play with both sizes and use a 6-point tool if possible).

0) disconnect the battery and drain all the fluids and get a big pail of sand/kittylitter ready to pick up spills, raise the car on ramps, jackstands, clean the work area
1) If it's an auto, remove the torque convertor inspection cover and drain the fluid.
2) if it's an auto, unbolt the torque convertor from the flexplate and unbolt the tranny from the engine.
3) remove the radiator, overflow, fan and hoses.
4) remove the heater hoses
5) remove the sparkplugs and unbolt the exhaust manifolds from the heads.
6) follow the wiring harness labeling all the connections if you've never done this before. I like to label everything with a gold pen in roman numerals because they are less likely to get confusing if I can't read one later. Just put the same mark on the sensor as on the plug. Sling the wire harness over the fender to make sure it's disconnected. You can leave the little fuel injector harness on the engine, just unplug it. (you'll see when you get there)
8) remove the upper intake manifold, leaving EVERYTHING connected to it (hoses, sensors, everything you can. It will help you reassemble it later to know how everything goes)
8.1) you might have to do this at the same time: remove the EGR hose. There's almost no clearance with the intake on sometimes and they're easy to rip.
9) remove the power steering hoses and remove the pulley, then the pump from the block (last part optional, makes it easier)
10) remove the AC compressor, leaving the hoses connected and place it so it's weight isn't on the hoses. If you're going to drain and recharge the system, do it responsibly and you might as well take the compressor and condenser right off to prevent damage to anything.
11) disconnect the fuel system using quick disconnects
12) Disconnect anything misc. still attached to the engine (grounds, A.I.R. tubing, dipsticks, braces and brackets that are going to get in the way)
13) unbolt the engine mounts (I like to unbolt them from the k-member)
14) up-up and away
15) when lifting, manuals are going to have to come quite a bit farther forwards than autos because of the input shaft on the tranny.

To hang the engine for lifting, you can put the upper intake to lower intake bolts back in, but through a chain and hook the chain.

Watch the engine doesn't try to spin on you.

Always use a helper to watch clearance when installing and removing

Never let anything under the engine while it's hanging (except the car :p)

Always dispose of fluids responsibly.

Good luck, If you get stuck, feel free to e-mail or MSN me.
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