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ok this is getting frustrating. when it is cold as in below 70's like 68 or so. when I first start my cougar it will have a sputter and hestitation. when I let it sit run for 3 minutes it will run amazing as it always have. I already did the tune up and wires replaced the iac and the iat sensors as well as the temp sensors. still does it. I am stumped. it runs amazing before and after the intake swap. it is a 95 the original intake manifold became a boat anchor when the thermostat housing desided it had enough. it did have a little hesitation before the swap I thought it was the iac and the egr again because those two were notorious on clouging up.

sorry for the miss spelled words some words I am horrible on spelling. don't know why but I always have.

but now it is getting redundant. granted I just put on a new tps on it just to see if it was that. but it still does it but not as bad. I also notice that when I bumped the shifter it would run normally would. I am not sure if the range/nutral safety switch is going bad or I am not sure.

granted I have the ford racing wires with the motorcraft coils with a mustang upper plenum with the stock throttle body. runs great when it is hot out side but ever so often it would hesitate even then. did I over look the maf. that is stock I replaced it once back in 2002. would that get dirty or make it act. with a hesitation
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