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Hey whats up i'm new.. pics of my birds.

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Hey i'm Bill and i'm new to the site well new to posting atleast... i currently have a 1994 and a 1996 thunderbird both with the 4.6L v8...

and also i put a video clip of my exhaust under the exhaust section if you'd like you here my thunderbird...
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Hey man, welcome to the party....I really like those exhaust tips coming off the 96. Before everyone gets to is your friend...ya-da-ya-da...I have been here for over little a month and so many people are here to help, and give you crap along the way...but WELCOME TO TCCOA!
Nice birdys, welcome to the club! :D
Welcome to the forums :)
welcome to the forums
Where in jersey?
----- is one that will be giving you your daily dose of crap.. lmao... welcome to the club, buddy! diggin the black one!!!
welcome to the club, nice lookin birds!
nicee wish i had two birdys. alota help around your frount wheel is on backwards. welcome!
thanks everyone for the welcomes , i'm in ocean county NJ
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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