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I apologize in advance if this is thread hijack, but it is similar so I didn't think a new thread was needed... A while ago, my '97 4.6L (52,000mi) temp gage started to kinduv "freeze" in the middle of the range, never dropped to cold, engine runs fine so never goes much above center. I replaced the sending unit with a new one from NAPA and for a couple of weeks, all seemed good, needle dropped to zero as soon as I started the car, worked up to middle ground and stayed there as it should. Lately, it's back to its old trix: doesn't move MUCH, always in the middle, never cold, even after a weekend of sitting unused. The gague does however move within the midrange. Today, on the way home I noticed it was rising a bit higher than I normally see it (to about opposite 27-29mph, typically just around 25mph, occasionally as low as 20mph on the adjacent speedo), but then it went back down. I was on the interstate, travelling between 65 - 80mph, outside temps were low 70's. When I got home, I popped the hood, and noticed the radiator fan only running when the A/C compressor kicked in (dash knob was set on MaxAC, temp at about 8:00 position, cabin fan at lowest setting. Question: should fan at radiator run constantly when MAX A/C setting is selected (or def or floor/def, or plain AC .. iow, anything but 'floor')? Or only when compressor kicks in? Iow, is the radiator fan activated by the dash knob or by the compressor switch under the hood?

PS -- stealership replaced plastic intake with new one with aluminum crossover back in early November, new Tstat, "valley hose," & cooling system was flushed & pressure tested after, no problems noted, and car runs great, never overheats, just PITA dash temp gauge behavior!!!

Any ideas??

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