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Hey TCCoA,

It's been about a year since I last logged in, school/work and the likes. I wanted to give an update on my '95 bird since my last post [ ] "Is she worth it?",

I am currently going to NSCC Akerley campus in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, which is probably the largest trade school in my province; taking Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing (2 year program), I had a few choices but was and am happy with the one I got accepted to. Until December doing about 5 different types of welding. :eek:

I had and still have no plans on abandoning my T-Bird. I will not be allowed to have a garage to work on cars where I live; for now.

I would like to say after sleeping for a few months at a time twice this past year she is once again awoken and ready to head to school,

[ ]

Will most likely be starting with the doors (before Christmas), then rocker panels, rear sub-frame along the way and honestly anything that is in need will be done including stockpiling new parts and upgrades, I expect 2+ years until completion possibly more depending on level of customization and how quickly my fabrication skills advance. But she will be on the road soon. :)

I will be making a main thread to update on the progress once I settle on an actual name for the project. If any moderators are viewing this, do you think it is wise to make a separate picture/video thread to compliment my project thread?

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Awesome, Good to hear you and the bird are still around.

A few years back I had planned on taking that same course in Kentville, but the money just wasn't there. (earned too much at work to qualify for a large enough student loan, and couldn't depend on finding a part time job in such a rural area)

Keep us updated on the progress. The Nova Scotia weather is hard on these cars, when you're finished yours might be the best looking one there.

(I know my poor Cougar is out of the running now, All cracked up, bruised up, blown up, and left for dead by the current owner)
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