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There's a GP for them started over at but I thought I'd let all of you who dont check that board in on the newest hottness.

I'm probably going to be the first to get a set for the single-port hehe, these things looks awesome, and though I dont need the flow they provide at this moment, I will in the future. And the best thing I liked about these, as you can see in the single-port rail picture at the bottom, is that the fuel pressure regulator is mounted at the front where the fuel lines connect, making it easy as cake for the tinkerer to adjust his adjustable FPR in just seconds. The stock regulator is located behind and underneath the upper manifold, which means removing the upper manifold just to change the fuel sucks.

Available for split-port and single-port. The single-port is currently being test fitted, but the split-ports are ready to go.

6-AN socketless hose and fittings, a fuel pressure sensor or regulator mount, and mounting brackets.

The fuel pressure regulator mount is available for the 2 bolt or 3 bolt Ford regulators. This will also work with aftermarket adjustable FPR's.

Upgrades are available to 8-AN fittings and stainless hose. And powdercoated colors are available.

For the DIY guys, machined rails are available. Has the injector holes and tapped for fittings.

Base splitport rail...

Splitport rail with upgraded 6-AN stainless lines.

singleport coming soon..

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