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Duffy Floyd over at the SCCoA is trying to convince Stewart Components to make a high flow water pump for the SC's. If you interested please post a reply to Stewarts message forum (link is below). I'm not sure if the SC uses the same water pump as the NA 3.8L but if it does then we really should let the NA and Mustang people in on this.

From the SCCoA site:
Link to original post by Duffy Floyd
Duffy Floyd said:
Two years ago while still the President of the TBSCEC I contacted Stewart Components to inquire if they would be willing to do a performance water pump for our application. I spoke with their Tech Rep Mr. Jack Wilson and he indicated there was no market. At that time I posted on associated boards and within 24 hours had over 60 pumps requested by various SC and XR-7 Owners. Mr. Wilson then asked me to send them a pump for development purposes which I did. I spoke to Mr. Wilson again today and he has no progress to report on their development. I asked if there was a way to bump this request up the priority list since 1) they had my pump, and 2) it has been 2 years since my request. Mr. Wilson indicated he could think of nothing until I suggested we as a community again show him there was a demand for the product.

Stewart's Q&A Forum is located at:

The thread is titled "Mr. Wilson: Per your request"

Please visit their site and post a reply to the thread if you are interested in a high performance application for the 3.8L SC engine. What had been proposed originally was a Stage One pump with an improved high efficiency impeller. We already have a hefty shaft on our stocker already.
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