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How about a 2.3 Mod sticky?

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i am a newbie and did some searching and found alot of different mods to do to a turbo 2.3. I am new to the Ford turbo cars. I have built a twin turboed 72 montecarlo blowthru with a carb. So i am not to familiar with the Ford fuel injection and ignition system. Anymore help would be appreciated. By the way i just picked up a 86 turbo automatic xr7 for 600 bucks.
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Welcome to the club! If you're really interested in modding the 2.3,check out site is awesome for the turbo coupes and XR7's. They have a section on mods to start you off with.The three mods that give the most for the least money would be a K&N cone filter,a Gillis adjustable boost valve,and a better breathing exhaust.Congrats on your find with the Cougar XR7! I have an 86 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe with the three-speed automatic as well.I like the three-speed better than my 95 T-Birds tranny. But anyway,enough of my rambling,and welcome to the club!:cool:
NATO's website is located at
Also, take a look around
I also suggest you visit You will find a LOT more information on your car there than you will find here.
Whoops!:rolleyes: my bad. He's right about where nato is.Those sites will, like he said, give you a ton of info for the fox body cars.Awesome sites
Ford sites

The sites listed above are some awesome sites for info and pleasure.

Hey. Also, check out if you haven't found it already. Yeah, I know, it's full of Crustangs and the like, but at least they got the engine right. Tons of tech articles, and good links.
Hey. Also, check out if you haven't found it already. .
i got like 600 bucks worth of parts form them, but im to lazy to install....
NATO is greta for specific TC stuff, and soem major modding.
hard core modding try turbo ford.
foxboy bitrds sit is greta form the whole fox body tbird line up
Look at the other sticky I posted awhile back for more good turbo sites also.
turbo coupe heater core

anyone know how hard it is to change a heater core in a turbo coupe
The dash has to be removed.. has a write-up in the tech articles...
To visit NATO's message board, go to
To visit NATO's message board, go to
Same thing as I posted that in a sticky under here.
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