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How Come

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Every so often it starts lopeing. I t only happens when u put it in to drive. Last time it happened the cats were clogged now its doing it again. What could be causeing this to happen.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanx in advance.

Will Burton
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Help me

I recently had a radiator go out on me. I replaced the radiator and now my car really sounds like a pile of s***. At the same time my Automatic trans will not engage. Is there a reason fo that oh please help me out. I swear I am 20 yrs old and i'm about to cry. Please don't let me

Much Love

How many miles does your car have?? Does the car smoke? I would think if your running really lean, it would clog up your cat's and maybe cause it to idle funny. Very weird problem, sorry I cant be of mor eassistance!

I blew a head Gasket. I am in the middle changeing the head gaskets as we speak. Thanks man,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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